Former students

Elizabeth Hubble, PhD French 2002 (co-director with Catherine Brown)
“The Borrowed Knight: Representing the Masculine Hero in the Twelfth-Century French Verse Romance”
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Women’s Studies, University of Montana

Lizabeth Fackelman, PhD French 2003
The Divided Heart: Heroism and Violence in the Old French Chanson de Geste”

Katherine Kong, PhD Comparative Literature, 2004 (co-director with Catherine Brown)
“Epistolary Positions:  Gender and Authority in Medieval and Early Modern France”
Independent Researcher; Formerly Associate Professor of French, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Megan Moore, PhD French, 2005
“Translating Exoticism:  Byzantium, Gender, and Cross-Cultural Marriage in Medieval French Romance”
Assistant Professor of French, University of Missouri, Columbia

Julie Human, PhD French 2010
“Looking Back: Medieval French Romance and the Dynamics of Seeing”
Assistant Professor of French, University of Kentucky, Lexington

Elena Dalla Torre, PhD French, 2010 (co-director with Jarrod Hayes)
“Queer Encounters:  French and Italian Feminists Between the 70s and 80s” 
Visiting Assistant Professor of Italian, St. Louis University

Christopher Davis, PhD Comparative Literature, 2011
“Scribes and Singers: Latin Models of Authority and the Compilation of Troubadour Songbooks”
Assistant Professor of French, Northwestern University

Geneviève Creedon, PhD Comparative Literature, 2014 (co-director with June Howard)
“Worlds of Wonder: National Parks, Zoos, Disney, and the Genealogies of Wonder in US Culture”
Associate Director, Princeton University Writing Center

Maria Canal, PhD French 2015
“Récits de consolation et consolations du récit dans la littérature française de la fin du Moyen Âge”
Assistante de projet Cherpines,” Mairie de Genève

Catherine Cassel, English and Women’s Studies, 2016 (co-director with Patricia Yaeger)
“Insectoid Figuration in Postatomic American Fiction” Lecturer in English and the Sweetland Writing Center, University of Michigan