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WOMEN’S STUDIES 440: Exploring Feminist Communities
Co-taught with Joseph Gamble

WS 440, the Women’s Studies Capstone, is an interdisciplinary seminar required for all senior
concentrators. The class is designed to support graduating seniors in looking back, synthesizing
what they have learned in Women’s Studies, and looking ahead, envisioning how they might
apply their knowledge and experience in life beyond the academy. Capstone students learn how some feminist change-seekers, many of them WS alums, have used feminist commitments and a Women’s Studies education to make a life that reflects their own values and has an impact on the community.
Our theme for Winter 2017 is “Exploring Feminist Communities.” We will approach this topic
through readings, discussions, writing assignments, and a series of guest speakers from the
U-M and wider community representing a variety of fields and professions. Most weeks will
consist of a large-group meeting hosting a talk and Q&A with a guest speaker, after which we
will break out into our sections for discussion of the talk and assigned readings.