Curriculum vitae

WS croppedFaculty Appointments

2017-22  Mary Fair Croushore Professor of the Humanities
2017-21  Senior Fellow, Michigan Society of Fellows
2014        Domna C. Stanton Collegiate Professorship
2012-       Appointment as Professor of Comparative Literature, University of Michigan
2006-09   Senior Fellow, Michigan Society of Fellows
2003-       Professor of French and Women’s Studies, University of Michigan
2001-03   Associate Professor of French and Women’s Studies, University of Michigan
1999-01   Associate Professor of French, University of Michigan
1993-99   Assistant Professor of French, University of Illinois, Chicago
1992-93   Visiting Assistant Professor of French, University of Illinois, Chicago
1988         Instructor in French, Northern Illinois University

Administrative Appointments

2017-22   Director, Institute for the Humanities
2016-17   Director, Medieval and Early Modern Studies
2015-17   Coordinator, Michigan Humanities Collaboratory
2012-14   Director of Graduate Studies, Romance Languages and Literatures
2011-12   Faculty Coordinator, Summer Research Opportunity Program in  the Humanities
2006-11   Associate Dean for Academic Initiatives, Rackham Graduate School
2003-06   Chair, Department of Romance Languages and Literatures
2002-03   Fellow, CIC Academic Leadership Program
2001-03   Director of Graduate Studies, Women’s Studies Program
1989-92   Assistant Director, Newberry Library Center for Renaissance Studies


1989        Ph.D. in French Literature, Yale University
1981        B.A. with honors in French, University of North Carolina

Grants and Awards

2018       Society for French Studies Visiting International Fellow (UK)
2015        J. Paul Getty Museum Scholar, Getty Research Institute
2015        John D’Arms Faculty Award for Distinguished Mentoring in the Humanities
2012        Distinguished Visiting Scholar, CMRS, UCLA
2012        Michigan Humanities Award (one-semester research leave)
2007        Distinguished Visitor, Ben Gurion University, Be’er Sheva, Israel
2006        Faculty Recognition Award, University of Michigan
2003        Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program Award for Mentoring
2002        Rackham Graduate School Spring/Summer Research Grant
2001        Faculty Grant-in-Aid, Institute for Research on Women and Gender, U-Michigan
2000        Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship, The Newberry Library
1999        James Randall Leader Prize for outstanding article of 1998 in Arthuriana
1999        Faculty Seed Grant, Center for Research on Women and Gender, UIC (declined)
1998-99   Project Head, High School to College Articulation Project (funded by MLA)
1998        Teaching Recognition Program Award, Council for Excellence in Teaching, UIC
1997-01   Junior University Scholar, University of Illinois
1997        Campus Research Board Grant, UIC
1996        ACLS Travel Grant
1994-95   Humanities Institute Fellowship, UIC
1994        Faculty Seed Grant, Center for Research on Women and Gender, UIC
1994        Campus Research Board Grant, UIC
1991        ACLS Travel Grant



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edited books/journal

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(Winner of the James Randall Leader Prize for outstanding article of 1998 in Arthuriana.)

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